Five Stand Sporting Clays

Five Stand Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

Five-Stand Sporting Clays

Our five-stand shooting range is now open and ready to go. Whether you want to hone your shooting skills before a hunt or engage in a little friendly competition among friends, there is nothing better than a little time on the range.

Five Stand Sporting Clays

Five-Stand Design

Five-stand is a specific sporting clays game played similar to skeet or trap; however, in five-stand, there are seven different trap machines set up in locations around the shooters and designed to throw the clays in a variety of presentations that mimic live birds. Up to 5 shooters per flight engage each target from one of 5 stands. Three different presentations are shot from each stand, beginning with singles and then doubles in the form of a report pair or a true pair. Once each shooter has shot the assigned targets for that stand, the flight rotates to the next stand. Once each shooter has shot each target from each stand for a total of 25 targets, the round is complete.

Shotgun Shell

Fun Shooting

While some targets can be challenging, five-stand offers a great opportunity to have some fun shooting – even for novice shooters – making it a great afternoon sport for your corporate events scheduled at Dave’s Bayou lodge and Outfitters.  As a guest of Daves Bayou Lodge & Outfitters, we provide one round of five-stand as a complimentary gift to you. Additional rounds can be purchased.

If you’d like to book just a day at the range, we can do that as well. We require a 5-person minimum. Please call in advance. 

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